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Cabinet Task Force Review of Air Pacific Public Submissions

Fifty one percent (51%) of Air Pacific Limited is owned by the people of Fiji through the Government of Fiji.

The Government is mindful, however, that, despite the people of Fiji owning 51% of Air Pacific, Fiji does not have a final say in a number of important areas of the operations, strategy, and long term development of Air Pacific.

Many complaints have also been raised by members of the public, tourism operators, employees, and business houses.

As the majority shareholder in Air Pacifc, the Government believes it has the duty to protect its interests and allow the people of Fiji to voice their concerns in a transparent process and ensure that the full potential of Air Pacific as a true national and international airline is realised as soon as possible.

Air Pacific must be fully integrated into the economy of Fiji to provide maximum benefit to the people of Fiji and her economy.

To that end, a Cabinet Task Force consisting of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Civil Aviation (Chairman), the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Electoral Reform, Public Enterprises and AntiCorruption, the Minister of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Communication, and the Minister for Finance, National Planning, Sugar Industry and Public Utilities has been appointed by the Prime Minister to review Fiji's position as a shareholder and to assess the many concerns that have been raised by the people of Fiji and the traveling public.

Some of these concerns are:
  1. Equal employment opportunities and working conditions for Fiji citizens employed by Air Pacific;
  2. Development of new routes to source new tourist markets;
  3. The lack of direct Air Pacific routes into South East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe;
  4. The quality of service provided to passengers of Air Pacific; and,
  5. The inability of the Government of Fiji as the majority shareholder to exercise rights ordinarily granted to a majority shareholder.
The Cabinet Taks Force will, as a first step in its review process, accept written submissions from members of the public.

Those wishing to make oral submissions must forward a written request to make arrangements.

All submissions will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

All written submissions are to be marked "Confidential" and addressed to :
Air Pacific Submissions Cabinet Task Force
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Civil Aviation
Department of Civil Aviation
Private Mail Bag

Attention: Azreen Khan

or hand delivered to 8th Floor, Suvavou House, Suva.

All submissions must be received no later than 4:00pm 28 days from 12 June 2008.

For futher information, please contact Ms Azreen Khan on 3316 876 ext. 878 or 9253832.

Cabinet Task Force on Air Pacific
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum