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Embassy Establishes Business Gateway

23 Feb 2007--- The Fiji Embassy in Washington DC has established a Fiji Business Gateway (FBG) as another important tool to promote trade & investment between Fiji and the rest of the world, in particular US, Canada & Mexico, the three countries which the Embassy serves.

FBG is part of a global business network created by DC-based Global Business Gateways to facilitate global trade, investment and tourism/travel through improved information flows.

The FBG is structured to help businesses in Fiji promote business opportunities, and to help business people identify potential partners, by providing one site with company listings and business information from all member countries.

FBG will help business people in Fiji to find trading & investment partners in the US, Canada & Mexico, said Ambassador Jesoni Vitusagavulu.

The FBG includes areas for trade, investment and travel/tourism, as well as business highlights and pertinent links. The gateway includes a database and search tool, which visitors can use to identify companies in Fiji with which to do business.

The ambassador is encouraging companies from Fiji to register on the FBG to promote them internationally. They can do this by registering online by visiting FBG on

We have started listing companies on the FBG data base but we would like to build this up to include all companies from Fiji that wish to promote themselves internationally, said Ambassador Vitusagavulu.

Companies with projects seeking investment or joint venture partners are also encouraged to register their projects as part of the investment network.

The Washington Embassy hopes this gateway will become a useful business-to-business tool facilitating communications between companies in Fiji and the business community in North America.

For further details contact:    Jesoni Vitusagavulu
                                                     Embassy of Fiji
                                                     Tel. # (202) 337 8320 Ext. 11
                                                     Mobile (202) 251 0366